Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Same road..more houses...same valley. not much more to say. there's snow up there already!

The same road a bit further down. how'd you like to wake up to this every day!

The road to Malbun and Gaflei. Malbun is a ski area in Lichtenstein and Gaflei is one of the major hiking trailheads.

these used to be white too. well, the one on the left did. the one on the right was always kind of tan

This shirt was white. i had a bit of trouble with the german language washing machine. Despite my engineering degree and MBA, i was outsmarted by a washing machine

Bathroom, laundry room...again with the efficiency. good job europe

Kitchen....living room...dining room...now that's efficiency! good job socialism

My bedroom....Huge, i know

7 Days later...

Well, i arrived last week and i think i'm finally getting over the jetlag and onto the local time schedule. Last week i was up until midnight or later almost everynight. That's not so bad on the weekend, but not a real good idea on the weekdays when you have to be up at 7.

Last week was all about getting settled....moved into apartment, registered with the police, got a health checkup, signed up for insurance, opened a bank account, got my living permit...blah blah blah. all the usual stuff one does when you move. Except that here...i needed a translator nearly everywhere i went! the HR dude knows more about me than i do i think.

Work is extremely busy...in a good way. Everyone has been very nice and accomodating. It definetely has helped allot that i've been here a half dozen times or so and know most of the people. I've been able to jump right in and start working with very little downtime. Of course..it doesn't help that my computer at work is entirely in german. i could probably switch it, but i think it's a good way to familiarize myself with the language. Actually, I should start German classes in a week or so. In the meantime i've mastered the art of communicating through pictures and hand gestures. i feel like Helen Keller. HA! wait...that's probably inappropriate. I took some pics around the area and of my new apartment...my camera has been acting up though so i was only able to upload a few. The outside shots are ones that I took on the road up the mountain to the Malbun ski area. Ski season starts in about 2 wks!!!!

This past Saturday i went to Zurich for the day. Awesome town...cool bars (the Noble Dubliner!!!), shopping, tons of people from all over, i even found an all english bookstore. I joined an Expat group based in Zurich, i think that will be good for meeting new people and making some new friends. This Friday they've got a bar night so, assuming i can find the train station here in Buchs, i'll take the train up.


thats what they say for goodbye here. really..it is.

stop laughing...i'm not kidding.