Friday, October 09, 2009


well, i'm finally done with the interferon! After a year of 3 x weekly shots, endless pills, doctors visits, ct scans, MRI's and rarely making it past 9PM..i'm finally done! And i have to say..i feel pretty good. :) I saw my oncologist on Monday and wasn't shy in telling that i hope i never see him again! nicely of course....but my life should be back to "normal" now. Many of the changes i made in the last year will of course have to be permanent as i will always be at a high risk of re-occurrence. Looking forward over the next year(s) I'll go in for ct scan's every 6 months and continue with my 6 month dermatologist schedule. I don't think I'm ever considered "cured" but if I'm still healthy in another year I'm considered in remission..i think. I'm not too concerned about labeling my condition at this point beyond "cancer free...apparently" :)

I also have to say that despite all the horror stories we hear about our medical system, my experience was fantastic and i couldn't have asked for better doctors. And of course I'm extremely fortunate to have a great, supportive family and girlfriend. I can't imagine how some people do this alone.

And it couldn't have come at a better time because i fly to Germany in a few hrs. mmmm...chocolate and beer! i mean....water and brocoli! :)

Sunday, October 04, 2009

I'm doing it all wrong!

so i've been working on my race car for many...many...many months now. and i need many more before it will even resemble a car again. But after watching these videos..i realize i'm doing it all wrong. i should just hire these guys! They build a new acura prototype in less then 22 hrs! Watch the crash..then the time lapse build video. Really cool.

ALMS: Patron Highcroft Petit Le Mans Rebuild from on Vimeo.