Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Roll That Never Ends

When my little brother was here a few months ago we ran into a bit of a problem with the toilet paper situation. I hadnt anticipated the added volume of paper required by 3 additional peoples, uh, movements. Needless to say it was a bit of a challenge week, i kept forgetting to buy it which led to going through allot of paper towels and of course a few stolen roles from the trains.

Anyway, when they left my little brother and crew left me with 2 parting gifts..a bunch of beer and a huge box of toilet paper. The beer is gone but the toilet paper lives on. Upon taking stock recently i realized i still have about 5 rolls left. My time here is winding down and in the past whenever i knew a big move was coming up i always took it on as a personal challenge to time all my food, toiletry etc. purchases just right so that i had just enough but left nothing behind. See where i'm going? I'm not cheap, i'm frugal.

So I think i can make these rolls last till the very end. The last square will be flushed the morning i leave..mark my word! I'll be sure to post an update as d-day approaches. I'll call them, the paper trail.

If you can't tell by the subject of this post there's not much going on right now. I do have a cool hike planned this weekend..

These trails look crazy, should make for a good hike and some good pics.

Corrigan, out.