Sunday, November 15, 2009

Almost thanksgiving?!

Yesterday morning mel and i took a little trip down to Detroit to plant some trees. in 20 years, jefferson will start looking really great. in the meantime..well....let's not think about that.

not only did the green twine hold the tree bulbs apparently makes a good hair tie too.

I called in some reinforcements yesterday afternoon to help me make some headway. I worked on cleaning up the PS floor surrounds (welding surfaces) while my buddy roy started cutting out the DS floors. i picked up a combo break/shear and roll so i've been anxious to try it out. it came in handy while trying to make the repair section for the upper floor lip on the PS. i also cut out and welded in some new material in the tunnel section..that steel is really light gauge stuff and got pretty chewed up while taking out the old floors.

Today was a bit more of the same along with the musical additions of my neighbor, who blasted a mix of phil collins and the miami vice them (i'm not kidding) while i worked. i cleaned up the PS floor cross-member and the small piece that reinforces the front of the rear suspension to the floor (what's that piece called anyway?).

One more vacation day tomorrow to go up north and finalize the plans for the cage (hopefully)and check out a used race seat . I need to make sure i know exactly what else to do and what to bring before taking the car up for the cage. it's an hr i don't wanna do it more than once!