Saturday, November 24, 2007

blogging sucks

I brought my computer with me having good intentions to blog and post pics from the road. But so far i've found that i have 0 motivation to do so..not when there's beaches, bars and so much to do. But here's the quick update...I'm writing this from Brisbane. Thats about 3400Km's into the journey. Our route was roughly as follows.

Melbourne to Echuca
Echuca to Gundagai
Gundagai to Canberra
Canberra to Pebbly Beach
Pebbly Beach to Sydney
Sydney to Port Macquire
Port Macquire to Byron Bay
Bryon Bay to Burleigh Heads
Burleigh Heads to Brisbane

That route wasn't planned, we just grabbed a map and pointed the wicked camper north.

more to come...