Thursday, September 10, 2009

Why Google is evil

I have a gmail account
a picasa account
i use google reader
i use google stock screener
i use google analytics
and of course, i use blogger.

so why is google evil? quite simply, it provides access to too much information. let me paint the picture,

about a month ago i had a lingering headache for a week or so. following that i had a serious of dizzy spells along with the feeling that i was falling. Normally i wouldn't think much of this but given my recent medical history i decided to have it checked out. one brain MRI later and i was on my way home feeling better with a CD of pictures in my hand. That's where the problem comes in. I had to wait 2 days before i get in to see my doc and get the results, all the while carrying around this CD of brain pics. what would you do?

well if you're me and your a glutton for google "melanoma brain mri", or "melanoma spread to brain" and compare the online pics to your own.

bad idea

I'm not a doctor, i have no idea what i'm looking at. every little white spot or black spot..or any spot i perceive as being unusual is suddenly suspect.

in the end there doesn't appear to be anything wrong except for a bit of vertigo. thank god. but not thank foster my paranoia!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Monday, September 07, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

Mel and i went over to my friend Schaefer's on saturday and went out on his boat for a few hours. The weather was perfect for some boating..some knee-boarding and even a bit of wake-boarding.

Mel was nice enough to get me mid fall!

Paris is not a fan of speed, and needed a little love to calm her down.

I forgot to post these. Two weeks ago my friend Kevin Tar came into town for a wedding and rented a new was an automatic SS! I got a few pics next to my car before heading out to woodward for a test drive. It's impressive, even with the automatic. Putting the tranny into manual mode (to use the paddle shifts on the wheel) yields two solid gears of burned rubber!

Since mel is a doctor (almost :) )...i figured she was qualified to pull my stitches! and what a job she did..i only cried once.

I got a bit of word done on my car. I'm waiting on some steel pieces from the UK and can't do much on the sills until it arrives. But i stripped a lot more of the undercoating (that is nasty stuff!) and started to remove the skins from the rear clip i bought. There must be 1000 tack welds holding it on!

Here's a few more pics from the weekend

2009 09 Labor Day Weekend