Monday, September 08, 2008

Short update

I started my interferon treatments about 2 weeks ago. Each day i have to go down to the hospital and sit in a chair for about 45 minutes while a bag of interferon is pumped into me. After 2 weeks of shots my arms look like those of a crack addict! I've also got to take a handful of pills everyday, they're actually quite colorful. So much so that i thought i'd put a pic up so everyone reading this can see. The injection itself isn't too bad but the first few nights afterwards were pretty rough, i had severe flu like symptoms (fever, chills, cold sweats etc.) but lately it's been much, much better. If i had a month of nights like the first night, well, i don't know how i would've survived without alcohol. Thankfully though i'm halfway done with the high dosage portion of the treatment. After this the dosage goes way down and i only need to give myself a shot 3 times per week.

I put a few more boat pics up too. This things allot of fun. I don't really have a proper workshop to work in, but i've been able to contain the mess so far. Thank god mel brought a proper vacuum cleaner with her.