Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mel went to Pittsburgh to move her sis into school this weekend, but i stayed around Michigan getting in trouble. I spent most of Saturday morning running errands, including picking up a few posters that i finally got around to getting framed. These were from my visit to the Klausenrennen in Switzerland....

Anyhow, they're enormous and the cost of framing them made me drag my feet..but i finally bit the bullet. They came out awesome!

Now the hard part..figuring out where to hang them!

The remainder of the day i spent working on my car. Where did the trouble come in? Well, at some point i grazed the bare sheetmetal and it sliced me open. A trip to the emergency room yielded four stitches. Nice! Chicks dig scars..right? Here's where i left off on my car. All the rear steel is removed and I'm finally down to a good foundation. That's essentially my plan...keep cutting till i hit something solid.

Today i spent more time cutting away, this time at the passenger side sill. The entire sill will have to be replaced along with some of the substructure, but this was expected and not that difficult to complete.

2009 08 Rear Clip Removal

It's occurred to me that with the abundance of cheap property in the area, i might be able to find a better spot to work. The two car garage at our house is pretty small and i've taken up the entire thing already! I've been looking around and might have finally run across something that'll suit my needs. It's about 1200 sq ft, comes with all the equipment in the pics (compressor, hoists, tools..everything but the boring machines), its about 5 miles from my house and the price just might be right!

Corrigan Racing....i like the sound of that!

2009 Ferndale Building