Saturday, November 10, 2007

Greetings from the future

After a short stay over in NY i flew down under last week. It takes around 24 hrs of flying to get here and you not only gain 16hrs time wise but you cross the international dateline. Therefore, as i write is currently 5:23 PM EST Saturday and 9:23 AM Sunday in Melbourne. So as i said, greetings from the future! Much has happened in the last 16hrs, Hillary dropped out of the campaign, Al Gore finally admitted he's an idiot and i won the lottery in 3 different countries. Things are good.

Here are a few pics from our hike in NY (Cascade and Porter) and the Great Ocean Road in Melbourne. We pickup the camper tomorrow. More to come..

2007 11 Porter & Cascade Hike

2007 11-09 Otway Fly and Great Ocean Road