Monday, November 20, 2006

And then this..

Never underestimate the power of personal responsibility...and fear. I read this today and after writing that blurb yesterday about speeding in Europe, i just coulnt get over the irony of the timing.,1518,448747,00.html

...accidents are actually down. Milton Friedman (RIP) would've believed it, as do i. Lets try it in NY City!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Geschwindigkeit ist Spaß

Its never easy to forgive someone. Take the Germans for example...World War I, World War II, The whole holocaust thing..they've done allot of pretty questionable things over the years. But i am ready to forget all of that now...ready to offer a fresh start and forgiveness all because of one simple thing...the autobahn. I love it. Any country that offers the chance for unlimited speed with no recourse from the law, well, they're alright in my book.

My first experience on the autobahn was in the Koln area. I had a Mercedes E class rental car for a few days which made a good first car for a first time autobahner. Not too much power that one could get into trouble with. That car would do about 220 (kph) or so but that was you might be saying who in their right mind would want to go faster than 220? Well, aside from that being a dumb question, the fact that i was getting passed on a regular basis shows that i'm not the only one.

Last week i had a meeting in Stuttgart which presented me with a second opportunity to drive on the autobahn. This time though i had a BMW 7 series from work. 2 more cylinders can do wonders to a vehicles topend and this car was still pulling when the needle passed 240. I guess i hit around 250 or so but the numbers ran out on the speedometer. That...was....Awesome.

The Nurgurgring is one of the most famous racetracks in the world and during the summer its occasionally open to the public. For anyone willing to pay 25 euros per lap you can try your hand at its 13 miles and 100+ turns. “The Ring”, as its commonly known, is calling my name. Before I leave next year I want to rent a Porsche or some other fast car and blast up the autobahn to the ring and then make some laps.

My goal is 320Kph...that's about 200 Mph. And its totally legal. Gotta love the Germans.