Sunday, December 11, 2005

Lights out, European Radio

Do you like Britney Spears? How about a dance remix of Phil Collins? Is Abba your favorite band ever? If so...Have i got a place for you. They don't tell you this upon arrival here, but they should. A simple sign at the airport would do the trick. I'll admit that my music tastes may not be “with the times”, but if the stations here represent “the times”, then count me out.

The problems started when my Ipod died. It only needs a new battery, but just as Apple computers are incompatible with most everything, Ipods require a specialized battery that can only be changed by Apple. I should have it back within 2 wks, but in the meantime, it's FM all the way.

I think I'm pretty open minded when it comes to music...i just don't like rap, or pop, or most country. My Ipod shuffles between a healthy mix of rock, metal, classic rock and blues. Synthesizer, Keytuir, record decks, a real band needs not these things. Give me a Guitar, bass, drums and a voice, mix in some Marshall's, a few petals and that's all you really need.
So I've been roaming the airwaves for the last few weeks trying to locate a decent station. So far, I've found one;102.8, FM4. It's pretty decent, they have a mix of American, German and French DJ's and most of the news they read is in English. Music-wise its a very eclectic mix, from rock to rap and everything in between, but the catch is that it's almost all indie stuff. You're almost guaranteed to hear something you've never heard. You may or may not like it, but at least it's something new.

On the bright side, I've yet to hear any David Hasselhoff songs. Amazing, since we all know how Germans love David Hasselhoff.

I don't really know why, or care for that matter, but there was a holiday last Thursday and my company was closed Thursday and Friday. I think it was some obscure Catholic holiday. That's not really important though, what is important is that i was able to go skiing 3 of the 4 days. I bit the bullet and bought a season pass for the Montafon Valley. It was 600 CHF for the year which is actually pretty good considering you get 6 mtns for the whole year. I hit Silveretta Nova on Thursday and Friday, then HochJoch (pronounced HokeYoke) today (Sunday). The snow was OK sure, so most of the trails weren't open yet, but at least there was snow...and some sun. Doesn't get much better.

The outdoor bar at Nova.

HochJoch...lookin east.

On the way down

HochJoch looking North. This was as high as you could get (2000m or so). the upper part of the mtn isn't open yet

North from Silveretta Nova


Pimp my ride. Please

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