Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sunday, October 21, 2007

What a looong, strange trip its been.

The curtains are closing, the lights dimming, troops of janitors are lined up to swoop in and clean up dropped popcorn and spilt mike and ikes…yes folks this show is coming to an end.

I was trying to think of a song that would sum things up…Truckin’ came to mind but only because of the “long strange trip” line. Then it occurred to me..”The Final Countdown” by none other than “Europe”. In reality I think the song had something to do with the end of communism, the wall coming down, nuclear disarmament..something unimportant like that. They were one hit wonders though so I don’t think they’ll mind if I hijack it for my purposes and get some more miles out of it. So here you go..

Two years overseas was a great experience that I would gladly do over again and highly recommend to anyone with the opportunity. The people you’ll meet, the places you’ll see, the new cultures you’ll be exposed to and so many other things will remain with you for life. Before I left I made a list of things that I had to do while I was over here. I’m sad to report that I didn’t make it through more than 25% of the list. But I wrote that list from a na├»ve position and looking back I had far better experiences then I could have ever planned for or thought of. Besides, that just leaves me with a ready made list of things to see and do when I come back. Speaking of which I have an interview in Germany next week…maybe this little European vacation will be extended. If I have to do it over again I want to find a better location. This area has allot of positivies, but It would’ve been nice to be in a bigger city with more people. My move from Liechtenstein to Switzerland last year was a big improvement but it would’ve been even better to live in a proper sized city like Zurich or Vienna. Maybe next time.

My last 2 weeks have been occupied by selling furniture, filing my taxes, and having one last beer with anyone thats up for it. We're starting to get snow here but unfortunately i wont be able to ski before leaving.

So what am I taking away from all this? Well, a bit of German language skills, a hell of a lot of great photo’s, some new friends, a new found appreciation and respect for what we have in America, a deeper loathing for the IRS and a bad case of crabs. Just kidding on the last one. But seriously……

America, here i come.