Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Read this....

...its good. Rarely do we see a challenge to the "generally accepted" assumption that not only is global warming happen but its caused by human activity. Perhaps its not so cut and dry though...

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Old Man Winter

It’s barely November but i can safely say that winter is (finally?) here. Fall came and went like a fart in the wind; in fact most of the trees here are still clinging to their leaves. But despite fall’s lingering presence old man winter won’t be stopped, he arrived like a freight train last week, snow bitter cold and all. Over the course of 2 days we went from warm days and cool nights to cool days and frosty mornings. It came fast and I say, bring it on!

Was that too many similes for 1 paragraph? You know what they say about similes right…they’re a dime dozen. An analogy about a simile…Ok that’s enough.

We had a vacation day last Wednsday that also just happened to be the last day to buy discount season pass’s for the Montafon in Austria…coincidence? I like to think not. Sure the Church may have had a hand in originally creating the holiday but I’d much rather use my day off to buy a season pass then get right with the lord. That’s what Sunday are for, so I hear anyway. Around 9 I fired up my Polo (not audi…story for another time. F*cking europcar) and ventured to Austria to pick a season passes for a couple of friends and myself. We debated about where to get a pass this year…Austria or Switzerland. I was leaning more towards Switzerland since I already skied most of the Montafon last year. But I was outvoted and besides things are significantly cheaper in Austria. My wallet will thank me later. So its Nov. 5, I’ve got my season card, my ski’s are waxed up, everything’s finally dried out from last year…bring on the snow!

Here are some pics of the trail to Hocher Kasten. I hiked it with a few friends in early October, but I think the scenery is much better with some snow.

Oh, one more thing....who the hell is Borat? Apparently I've been out of the pop culture scene way too long. He's on European MTV every 30 seconds!

The tower in the distance is Hocher Kasten. Well worth the 3 hr hike in normal weather...but on a day like this its even better.

Snow on a tree.

This pic might be upside down.

Looking South towards Italy.