Friday, January 09, 2009


Here's why it's called the dismal science.

Maybe a masters in economics isn't such a good idea.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Happy New Year!

Another year down...hard to believe it! You know what that means...2008 Corrigan year in review. Unlike Time magazine and a few of the (slightly) more popular info destinations, i won't be focusing on who was the most influential or who dropped the most bombs..rather i'll focus on a year in the life of ME. This was indeed a crazy year, despite being 28 and (arguably) an adult 2008 brought a lot of firsts. I signed a lease for the first time, leased a car for the first time, got cancer, lived
(am living) with a girl, lived with a dog!, joined a new band..the list goes on. Rather than ramble are a few pics!

Deep we go.

New Apartment

New Apartment Again

We went to the Redbull races..only to have them canceled due to high winds.

Camping with that girl and that dog.

Pre surgery..Me with all my lymph nodes in Chi-town with Melly Mel.

Recouping at the camp after surgery.

My recovery, it's still not done.

On the way to Mel's friend Martini's wedding. Two gimps in the back...Mel driving.

Labor Day weekend at Mel's friend Jess's Farm

Thanksgiving in NY!

Mel's Bday..she'll probably kill me for uploading this pic.

What's left of my car! But like a will be back.

The next group are from the 2 week Christmas break. 1800 miles...over 290 pics...a half ton of fudge..what else is Christmas about?

A battle of wills.

Mel getting thanked for all the cookies!

Walking the Dawg

Miss Delaney

The best way to end a year!