Thursday, October 29, 2009

Why The Face!?


i'm disgusted by this,

aside from the fact that the federal government employes 1.9million civilians (sounds like about 1.8 million too many to me), they are paid far, far above market rates.

your tax dollars at work.....

Monday, October 26, 2009

Mel fired her kiln today and the weather was beautiful it was easy to justify staying out all day!

Whoever was working the alfa line spot welding and applying undercoating the day this car was built certainly earned their money!

I finally got all the spot welds drilled along the floorpan mounting surfaces then cleaned up and shot it with primer. The a-pillar base plate i got from classic alfa looks great. Unfortunately the inner sill (behind it) was in really bad shape, but only in a relatively small area. i have a friend with a machine shop and I'm gonna see if he can bend up a small replacement panel for the inner sill. the jack point basically fell off in 1 rusty clump! nice!

At this point I'm gonna hold off on doing anything else with the floors till the a pillar and jack point are in place. the next step on the floors is to take out the cross member..but I'm using that for support right now on the dolly.

A few pics added to my folder (at the bottom)

2009 ALFA Project

Mel and i went to the cidermill yesterday along with a few friends. the weather was crappy, but the food was GREAT! damn i love the fall.