Thursday, September 28, 2006

And the winner is...?

Rennen. I suppose it was predictable, but in case there was any doubt i went to the race last weekend. The weather was perfect for racing and despite the high ticket cost it was well worth it. I was actually rather impressed at the variety of vehicles that showed up including some really cool classic bikes. Europe is earning my respect more and least on the car front. I went up with a friend from work and his family so it certainly wasn't as much of a party as Oktoberfest would've been, but his kid can pound some serious beers! Who would've known a four year old could drink so much.

But now its back to the states. Saturday morning i have to get up at 5 to head to the airport and catch a flight to Detroit. Good timing too, i need some new versatile solutions for modern living and the catalogues on the plane are just the place to find such priceless items. Radio's for the shower? Check. Rollable tie machines? Check. Combination laptop stand and tote bag? Check. How I've made it this far is beyond me.

My only complaint with this trip?...i have to go back through Paris. Damnit. I hope my bags make it since i plan on smuggling large amounts of contraband.

Just kidding..?

Despite the shopping opportunities, this trip actually comes at a bit of a bad time since i should be getting ready to move to my new apartment. The Liechtenstein police (thats singular by the way..i think there's one cop in this country) will kick me out at the end of October. Something about to many tickets and to much loud rock and roll. Their loss i say!

Actually i was only able to get a 1 year living permit so now i must move to Switzerland. Truthfully, I'm looking forward to it. Not only do i get a bigger apartment, but its in the middle of a much bigger town. It should be allot funner. Because my current town has absolutely no nightlife, anything would be an improvement.

The race runs up through the valley. If you want to run a hill climb..doesnt get much better than this.

View down the track.

America representin'

Some old bikes.

Not sure if the brick road helps for fact i'm pretty sure it hurts. but it added to the ambience.

it probably shouldnt be street legal...but thank god it is.

if it aint for speed..take it off.

View to the starting grid.

another old car. watch out for that exhaust. i dont know what it is.

An old bike. I know it looks strange, but the bike is small, the guy is normal size. not the other way around.

You will be mine. oh yes, you will be mine.

Nothin but the basics.

Buuugatti. The french got these right.

Nice Healey 100