Saturday, May 20, 2006

Wilkommen Nach America

Waking up at 4AM is really like not having slept at all. I guess i could go to be at 8 tonight...but whats the fun in that. A better solution would be to just stay up all night..but the 2 hr drive to the airport would be a challenge. The compromise therefore leaves me with around a 2-3 hr nap before 18hrs of flying tomorrow. Who would've thought...we can explore space and conquer the poles...but a simple direct flight to Indy isn't even remotely possible. Nope...Zurich to Amsterdam to Minneapolis to Indy. For those who are directionally challenged...thats north, then west, then east and south. hmmmm. The hub and spoke system, a model of transportation efficiency.

Anyway, i thought i'd brush up on US current events before coming over. Apparently there's quite a bit of dialogue now around immagration. According to the "internet news" there are allot of illegals entering america from Mexico. I suppose it's possible...but after living in Michigan for 4 years i always thought Canada would be grabbing all the headlines. That's OK though...the Daily Show is fighting the good fight and getting the word out about our evil northern neighbors. Michiganders like to joke that the state is shaped like a gloved hand...i like to think it's a hand held up while a collective America yells "Stop".

Sunday, May 14, 2006

My Apologies

"Woke up, got outta bed, dragged a comb across my head.
Made my way downstairs and drank a cup, looking up i noticed i was late. "

Most music is about love..finding it, losing it, making it. But theres also allot of decent music about working. Finding jobs, losing jobs, workin for the weekend, how working sucks...those have been my songs lately.

The normal product life cycle for the product I am involved with is 12-24 months from kick off to hand off. 6 weeks ago i was “fortunate” enough to pick up a new project that has a 3 month life cycle. Needless to say, it's been a bit of a scramble. 12 hr days, Saturdays, Sundays...the concept of a five day week is gone. I thought Europeans were ahead of America with their 5 weeks of vacation and 35 hr work weeks. Part of me wants to take it as a compliment.

Manager 1 “We've got to deliver this project in 3 months, who should we give it to?”

Manager 2 “3 months? Wow. I wouldn't wanna wanna do it. How about project manager #1?”

Manager 1 “Naw, he's got a family. What about that American guy?”

Manager 2 “Brilliant!”

The truth is i take it as a compliment. If they gave it to me then it means they have confidence that i can deliver on time. Right? Well, that's what i tell myself anyway. God I'm stupid. But its not all wasted effort. All of my extra hrs are paid 50% as extra vacation 50% as money. I'm working on around 50 days of vacation right now. Was that a tear that just hit your keyboard?

Anyways, the reason i bring this up is that i feel like I've neglected my poor blog as of late. But things should be slowing down soon. I'm heading stateside next Sunday to wrap up another project so things ought to cool off a bit after that. Oh and during my visit i should be able to swing through NY for a few days to drive my cars. I mean see my family.