Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Cars today just can't compete with curves like this.


I love ebay. It's like pure capitalism at work. So i'm browsing the ferrari pages and there, spending money i don't have and there, at the bottom of the page, for sale is my dream car. These rarely come up for sale, so i just had to post the link and a few pics. the pics don't do this car justice. The car is only a few hrs south, maybe i'll go down and see if he wants to trade is MM for a VW Polo. It could happen.


The blue car below is for sale too....no price listed though.


12 cylinders, 3 carbs...nice.

Nice ass.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Some random humor...

This dude is hilarious. Got forwarded one of the videos and i had to share with the world.


Two of my favorites...



The Geneva Auto Salon

I just got back from the Geneva Auto Salon. Overall impressions? Not very impressive. I've been to the Detroit Autoshow a bunch of times and this is pretty much the same thing, just in French. I guess i expected something allot different.

There were a few high points worth mentioning. This show did have a larger contingency of coach builders at the show. Pininfarina, Spyker and Bertone just to mention a few. There were a couple of Euro model cars that i hadn't seen stateside or on the net. Also, due to the fact it was the 100th anniversary, they had a small contingency of classics. That's more to my liking and i spent nearly the same amount of time checking out the one room of classic's as i did the entire rest of the show.

Honda's 2006 F1 entry..Hopefully i'll be seeing this car in action at Nurburgring and Spa this year! Maybe even Monza.

Nice. Check out the fancy manual start crank on the bottom of the grill.

A convertible Ford Focus. Would i buy it? No. but then agian...i don't buy new cars. But i think ford's got a winner here. And judging by that, they'll never import it to the states! It's a nice car though, and I think it would sell stateside.

The Opel version of the Saturn Sky...which is the Saturn version of the Pontiac Solstice. I think the saturn (and opel) versions look much better than the solstice. Boy, that's allot of brands for GM to maintian...hmmmm

Nice to see some American muscle representin'. I was told by a colleague that the corvette is a piece of shit. That's a naive statement..cuase bang for your buck, there's no beating the regular corvette, let alone the Z06.

Bertone bodied Lambo. Nice...very 70'

When i'm done with my healey..this is how i want the nose to look. I like the hood too, but i would only go with one scoop. Of course, i don't have a v12 crammed under the bonnet.

Besy...what'd they do to your convertible top!

I think there's a car in this pic.

This was in the Spyker display. I'd never heard of them before..but they had some nice cars. Their logo has an airplane prop in it...you can definetely see the airplane theme in this car.

Zagato bodied Ferrari. Looks a bit like a Lusso to me...nice car though. It has a bit of a "gurney bubble" goin on in the roof.

Mercedes 300SL . This car was so far ahead of it's time that many of it's features are still not mass produced today. Here's a short list...Desmodronic valves, variable intake runners, inboard brakes (located off of the sprung mass). The few cars that still exist are worth a small fortune.

This was called the Ford GT "Street Version"...i didn't realize they ever sold any non race cars. I love the Gulf oil colors though.

Beautiful BMW 507. You don't see these stateside much...it's a cool car though. has an all aluminum 3.2l V8.

I really like this Audi. Well technically it's Auto Union...before it was Audi it was Auto Union. Regardless, for a 36, having a rear engine was pretty far ahead of it's time.

I had to get a pic of the tac....no speedo, no engine temp, just one huge tac.