Saturday, November 01, 2008

Not Much to report...

....but i thought i'd make a new post. It's been very busy at work over the past few weeks but i stil found a little time to make some progress on my boat project. I really thought this was gonna be a 1 or 2 month of today i'm goin on 4 months. The sanding is what takes so long, well, that and the fact the adhesive i'm using is doing a better job keeping my hands stuck to the hull then the wood.

Mel and i went to a halloween party last night which was allot of fun. It's a little strange to go to a party and not drink, I'm never really sure what to do with my empty hands. I guess i know what all the DD's feel like. I do find it entertaining to listen to all the drunk conversations as a sober person...makes me wonder if all of my drunk conversations sounded so funny. Probably not.

Chris Craft pics october 08