Monday, November 09, 2009

A day off, and some alfa progress

The weather was great, the tea was warm, Black Merda was cranking on my was a great day to be home working on my car. i finished welding in the inner sill then cut and fit the a-pillar base panel. once that was all in i welded back in the a-pillar pieces i cut out and then, finally, fit the outer sill!

One of the tougher parts was fitting in the new jack point. it's supposed to contact 3 different surfaces and unfortunately only 2 were available as the car was sitting. so i went ahead and got the cross-member out of the way and fit in the new front floor just well enough that i could get the location right and weld in the jack point.

my welding is getting better as i gain confidence and experience but these pieces today (in particular the jack point and inner sill) have to be good welds. they (potentially) carry a lot of load. so i played with the welder a bit to make sure i could draw a good bead and then went at it. as i let the car off the jack i was a bit nervous...but i haven't heard a big crash yet!!

despite it's name, i find great stuff to be decidedly UN-great. i found even more up behind the fender today!

A few pics below, the rest here,