Thursday, March 26, 2009

Oops, i did it again....

It's been quite some time since my last let's see what's happened recently.

The markets gave us a bit of a bear trap. Don't get caught up.

Spring is nearly here, lots of rain in Michigan and things are turning green!

I found out my neighbor is an A-Hole. (see mel's post)

I was CALLED an A-Hole yesterday while talking on the phone at the gas pump. Whoops! (but come on, i'm an engineer, no way in hell a cell phone has enough power to generate enough static through a human to cause a spark)

I started getting spots in my vision. Turns out i have Interferon Retinalapothy. Can be permanent and cause loss of vision but i caught it early enough. I had to stop taking my cancer drugs to save my vision. So i got that goin for me. Which is nice.

Oh and as to the title? I bought another car. sight unseen. from a guy i never met.

Before anyone goes jumping all over me i must say that i learned my lesson from the last time and did my homework on the seller (reputable guy) and the car (paid for a buyers inspection from a shop). Plus i found it on an alfa romeo site and the seller was a well known, trustworthy person in the alfa community (commonly called, Alfista's). No ebay scammers.

If someone were to start a hotline called 1-800-caraholics, they'd be a millionaire off me alone by next year.

So without further adue..ado...audu....without further delay, here it is.

2009 03 Alfa Project

The last pic is of a similar car and no, my plan is not to keep it orange.

Although it does look good in orange....maybe hugger orange.....maybe with some black stripes...hmmm....

As you can see the car is almost completely disassembled. I'm buying the car and about 6 boxes worth of parts!

I always did like doing putting models together.

I got a great deal on the car. As for the shipping, there's a guy a few miles from me bringing a nearly identical car from nearly the same location as this one (and a motorcycle too) over next week! so i got the empty spot on that truck for a song. Literally, i sang for the guy

Ok, not literally.

The cards seemed to fall into place on this one. I'm just hoping my eyes weren't bigger then my checkbook!