Sunday, November 22, 2009

What good are deadines?

particularly self imposed ones?

well, they help motivate me, if nothing else. i had made an agreement with Roman (cage builder) to have my car up to him the weekend of the fifth. But that meant i had 2 days to get both front floors completely installed. I made a valiant effort..but just couldn't get it done unfortunately.

but i did get the drivers side completely installed. the fit was really good, i would definitely recommend EB's floors to anyone doing this job. I had to recontour the firewall slightly to match, but given i needed to repair a rust spot on the firewall anyway, that was no big deal. the biggest pain in the ass is trying to weld vertically! man, i wish i had a rotisserie! maybe next time..

today i got the Pass. side completely prepped..but ran out of time to weld it in. but at least it should be "drop in" when i get back.

mel and i are heading to NY for thanksgiving(!), following that are attending my niece and nephew's christening. i wonder if bri got a 2 for 1 discount?

anyway..i'm the godfather. so i better watch the movies (only 1 and 2) before i get there so my godfatherly advice is polished up.

then on the 30th, while mel drives back to michigan alone, i'm off to china. 20+ hrs of flying each way for 3 days of meetings. fun. fun. fun.

hope everyone has a good thanksgiving! life's short, so skip the turkey and go straight for the pies!!!!

i had to remake this little channel because it came off in pieces with the cross-member.

here's the piece hole i made to repair the rust and recontour the firewall.

cleco's were a big help where clamps couldnt reach

the final product (drivers side)

Here's the Pass. side all fitted, prepped and ready to be welded in,