Friday, March 16, 2007

Crazy YouTube Video

Youtube is really one of the coolest websites out there. Sure, 90% of the stuff on there is crap, but every once in a while you find a video thats really different. Something you know you'd never see anywhere else. i stumbled across once such video series the other day. Granted, the premise is a bit unuasual. Find and film the sole metal band in Iraq..but watch the video's (4 of 5 are done). These video's are much more and present a much less polished and clean view of iraq than we normally seem to see in the 10 second CNN clips.

Monday, March 12, 2007


Yes, yes loyal reader(s?), i am still alive. Things have just been extremely busy over the last weeks. First I was in the states for a bit where i got caught in the storm of the century. At least, that's what 12 inches of snow feels like when the town only has 2 snowplows. Thank god i grew up in the northeast otherwise that might have stopped me from getting around. Upon returning to Europe i had 2 more weeks of work before my America visitors arrived. My (not so) little bro (Mike), cousin (Krissy) and a family friend (Matt) came over for a week long visit last Friday. In true Corrigan family fashion, Ma Corrigan did an excellent job of organizing the trip for everyone else and hardly a minute was left to chance. Well, more accurately everyone came prepared with Eurail passes, money and a list of things to do..but that was sufficient. We hit the slopes one day, hit the town a few nights, spent some time in Venice, almost got mugged in Milan, rode allot of trains and pretty much saw everything one could hope to see in one week.

I couldn't get the whole week off work, but i did tag along down to Venice. You may be asking, Corrigan, what did you think of Venice? Well for anyone who hasn't visited it is what i envisioned the quintessential Italian city: tiny coffee's, lots of Italians, wine, pasta, old, artsy...zou get the drift. Its also one of the few cities in the world whose streets are actually waterways. I say one of the few because even though i don't know of any more at the moment, there's got to be at least one more out there. Water taxi's, water buses, water mail delivery, water garbage pickup...everything and everything that would normally be accomplished on land must be accomplished via water. It makes for some interesting sites and pics. I wont bore you with too much commentary except to say it was a great visit and break from the norm.

Here's a few pics from the trip. Krissy got a bunch too, but due to some cable compatibility issues i wasn't able to copy them before they left. Its too bad too because Krissy got some great shots including at least 2 videos that are Youtube worthy. As soon as i get a copy, I'll post'em though. Without further adue, the Corrigan's/Smith spring break, two double-o seven.

Oh, one more thing. I must have got this link from 4 or 5 different people, but i thought I'd share it for anyone who didn't see it. Here i am thinking i live in a neutral peace loving country, then this happens. F'in swiss. Guess I'll have to start locking my doors.

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Day Two

Skiin in the alps. No big deal.
Matt, enjoying some local cuisine
The crew, enjoying the ambiance.

Your faithful tourguide

Early, or late pics. Depending on your coming from

Killin time at 1AM in the train station.
Killin more time...
Still killin time....
After a while, we ran out of ideas to amuse ourselves.
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Morning in Venice

Venice in the mornin.
Chillin on the night train.
Embarassed that we were pissing off the two other people in the car.

Not embarrassed at all.
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Random pics

A little Vino.
Ferrari. Very nice!
umm...i got nothing.
Nice shot! and behind the heiniken beer barge is some more cool stuff.
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Random Pics

If this doesnt work...
The devil in the middle of the door will scare away salesman.
Shadow on a churh.

Whatever she's selling, i'm buyin.
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Random pics

Reflections in an alley

A big old building. Probably famous for something.
Even the taxi drivers had nice boats.
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Italian nightlife

Matt gettin down with some gypsies. They played the same horrible song over and over, but with the addition of a slightly(?) anebriated american, well, it was hilarous. Krissy got a video of this, its definitely youtube worthy. As soon as i get a copy, its getting loaded up.
Some Vino anyone?
Some more vino?
Krissy and Mike tried to get into it but clearly matt had this gig all to his own.
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