Thursday, August 17, 2006

Hindsight is...anyone? anyone?

I'd like to personally thank the terrorists for f'in up my vacation.


Sarcasm doesnt come through well in writing, but if it did, it'd be dripping off this page. Last wed. I booked a last minute trip to London for the weekend. The weather was looking so bad here for the weekend that i decided to bail on the street parade. Zurich to Heathrow for 4 days of London fun. Yeah well, that was the plan anyway. No sooner had i booked it than the fuzz anounced on thursday that they had foiled a terrorist plot at..anyone? Bueller? London Heathrow of all places.


So with the prospect of being out a bunch of money i sucked it up, thought up the best BS story i could and called travelocity. After an hour of arguing with some Indian guy they agreed to refund all my money. Somehow i had them convinced that their website had an error in it which resulted in the wrong hotel booking. Damn i'm good. Well, that or he was just sick of arguing with me.

Equipped with my refund i sucked it up and headed to the street parade despite the forecasted rain. It was actually allot of fun....the rain actually may have helped. White shirts..rain...hey, i'm just saying. One of my friends got some good pics but i need to sensor them before posting.

I do consider myself a nice person though and i'll give you terrorists a second chance. Next Wed. i'm heading to the states for about 3 weeks of well deserved vacation.

Don't 'f it up Osama!

NOTE:if any travelocity representatives are reading this, this is a work of pure fiction. I'm not even a real person.