Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Ma and Pa at the overlook near the Lichtenstein castle. thanks for the visit!

Opel Speedster. Built by lotus, it even comes in a turbo version.

What time is it?

The Glockenspiel clock in Munich.


Me explaining the general theory of relativity. or maybe how to milk a cow, i cant remember.

Pigs knuckles. sounds gross...but damn good.

Center shot from Dachau

Work will set you free (rough translation).

The castle in Balzers, south of Lichtenstein

Another Shot from Pilatus

Great Pics from Mt Pilatus

Monday, April 17, 2006

There Must be Something in the Chocolate

I was looking at myself in the mirror the other morning when it occurred to me that i might be losing my hair. I never noticed this when i was in the states. I might be wrong. In fact, I'm probably wrong. I'm 99% sure I'm wrong.

But that 1% keeps dogging me. I don't see the standard Corrigan thinning top, I'm not missing hair in the back. Rather, it's more of a northerly recession around my temples. Maybe it's all in my head....get it? Sorry, bad joke. Or maybe there's something in the chocolate here.

On the plus side, it hasn't affected my movie career. Despite my location and apparently receding hairline i recently completed yet another feature length film. I know i know, how do i
find the time, right? What can i say, I'm just that good.

Naw...that's not really me. Hard to believe i know, but seriously, not me. I saw an article in the Financial Times ( yesterday that mentioned my name and I realized that there's anther Kevin Corrigan out there. And here i was thinking i was unique. Thanks mom, thanks dad. At least my name is in Wikipedia, even if it isn't really for me. And apparently i have fan clubs too. But shouldn't i get some kind of royalties for this guy capitalizing on my good name? Half of his take from each film sounds like a reasonable starting point to me. I await your call Mr Corrigan, have your people