Monday, May 21, 2007

No Fish Stories Here!

I made it back yesterday to switzerland with no surprises. I took a few days vacation last week to zip home and wrench on some cars and see the fam..and do some fishin! My uncle has a boat down on the hudson named "Whatever". i thought i remembered the name being the Minnow, but i guess i was wrong.

Over the years my uncle has become a pretty big fisherman, despite seeing all the stories i must admit i never really believed Uncle butthead (he earned the name, dont worry) ever got any fish. I pictured a case of beer and 12 hrs of bobbing the same worm up and down. I must say though i was pleasantly surprised when the herring started hitting right away followed shortly thereafter by a catfish and a decent sized striper. We were actually going for the striper, the herring was just for bait and the catfish was a mistake, but it still put up a bit of a fight. We were catchin and releasin but you wouldnt want to eat catfish either way...its a bottom feeder and its the hudson, god only knows what that things been eating. The striper are edible as they are actually an ocean going fish that come up from NYC to spawn (see you're getting an education by reading this)..but we still caught and released.

Aside from the fishin i worked with my dad on his car a bit and mine as well. Mine was sitting too low so i swapped out the coils in the front for another pair and got the front end up to the proper drag/gasser style height. Aside from that...i just burned through allot of gas. it would've been more but at over 3 bucks a gallon, well any more would've put me in the poorhouse.

Getting back to my own bed was nice, but, and i never thought i'd say this, the more i'm away from good old upstate NY the more i miss it. My time here is running down and i'll be ready to leave at the end of the year but it wont be back to NYC. I've got offers in Danville Ill and Vista'd think that'd be an easy choice but its actually not, luckily i've got some time to decide. Besides i just got zipped with a 10k tax bill from uncle sam..i'm not sure how much more euro livin i can afford.

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