Friday, July 10, 2009

Am i an old Fart?

I've been informed recently, on multiple occasions in fact, that i may be an "old man" because i don't have a facebook account. I normally don't feel the need to defend myself, but given that it's happened multiple times maybe i should.

I mean what's the point? I already have so many damn login's and websites, do i really need another? Gmail, hotmail, blogger, linkedin..the list goes on. I don't want another one. And i don't really like having a lot of personal information online.

That girl and i just got back from aruba! if only i had a twitter account...i could have tweeted about it while away. If's what it would've been like -

tweet #1 - got off the plane. prnts at airprt. sign said fox and friend. i'm friend? wtf!?

tweet #2 - at htel. vry nice. need drink

tweet #3 - time to dive! wthr is great.

tweet #4 - dive went well. thnk mel's hookd.

tweet #5 - ribs for dinner! mmmm!

tweet #6 - turtle eggs in the beach! might hatch..stay tuned.

tweet #7 - does anyone read these?

tweet #8 - tour of east end. lots of cactus's's

tweet #9 - more diving..and a turtle!

tweet #10 - squids!

tweet #11 - diving makes me tired! naps evry afternoon. nice!

tweet #12 - shopping. yay.

tweet #13 - what day is it?

tweet #14 - more great food. prnts fly out tomorrow.

tweet #15 - baby beach! snorkeling. shells. awesome.

tweet #16 - nice 2 not be the only albino at the beach! but sun got me in the end. only a lttle though.

tweet #17 - one last great meal. tuna!

tweet #18 - corrigan & mel out. paris, here we come english now...Aruba was great! The diving was good, the hotel (Costa Linda) was a great homebase and the weather was a nice change from Michigan in the fall. Yes, it's apparently fall here. Here are a few pics..

2009 07 Aruba

No facebook...So am i an old fart? Well..i do turn 30 this year. Guess that says it all.

A few of the above photo's came courtesy of bill who sells his photo's at

check 'em out!

Monday, July 06, 2009


The countdown to Aruba continues. Only 3 more days! After taking last wed. and thursday off and i've decided that 2 day work week, followed by a 4 day work week, followed by a week off, should be my normal schedule. I'll bring that up in my next review.

After spending a day helping to fix Mel's sisters' car, I made some progress on my Alfa last week. I cutout the front portion of the driver side sill and began making the patch panels. My welding skills are sorely lacking but this portion of the work won't be seen, so it's a good place to get some practice before i have to start welding body panels.

Here's a few pics of the work so far...

2009 06 Metal Work

Summer's flying by! It's hard to believe, but it's been over a year since i found out about my cancer and almost a year already since i had my surgery. I'll be done with the interferon in about another 8 weeks or so and it can't come to soon. Losing three nights a week isn't fun, especially when i live with someone whom i enjoy spending time with so much (i guess, just a little). Right Paris?

j/k babe

What better way to celebrate kicking skin cancer (i hope) then going to a sunny island for a week?!

Wait a minute...