Tuesday, February 10, 2009


As i watch money bleed from my investments, I'm really pissed. These A-holes in washington seem intent on taking a bad situation and making it even worse. In the last few months (including today's "stimulus" and bank plan) they've commited over 10 trillion dollars to try to prop up this economy to little result. They can not create demand, when will they realize this? They can push banks to extend all the credit in the world, but people aren't willing to take on more debt. Their actions are making people and business's more unsure of the future. It's starting to dawn on the population that all this spending will eventually have to be paid back (the alternative, defailt, is unthinkable) and that our children are facing 100's of thouasands of dollars in new taxes in order to attempt to maintain our unsustainable spending habits today. They've commited enough money to wipe out nearly 100% of all the mortgage debt in the country (not that i would promote that..but it gives reference to the scale of this borrowing and spending)! Instead they're spending the money on condom programs and parks in miami, it's no wonder the country (and the world) has lost confidence in Washington and America.

Capitalism didn't fail, it did it's job. Uncompetitive companies were driven into failure, that's an important (albeit painful) aspect of capitalism. It's washington's extraordinary efforts to prop them up that were the failure. Companies that competed successfully are now subsidizing their competition (via washington). How can any company or person compete with the Fed's?

And on top of that they stepped back on the plans to allow domestic offshore drilling. Talk about kicking an economy when it's down.

I wish all these politicians would go on vacation undil '12. Or maybe forever.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

New Crib

It's been a long couple of weeks as Mel (Paris) and I moved into a new (rental) house. My lease was up and given the tumbling home & rental prices it presented a lot of opportunities to upgrade while maintaining costs. We went from a 1000 sq ft apt with no garage to a 1300 (ish) sq ft house with a new 2 car garage for 200 bucks more a month! That's a deal. Mel's out of town right now ( :( ) so Paris and i are a bit lost, but we're surviving. We've gotten 99% unpacked and i can finally put a few pics up without boxes blocking everything!

2009 New House

I was this close (fingers about 1mm apart) to buying an 08 Z06 on Thursday. I made the mistake of taking a look in person and driving it. But a cooler head prevailed. 2 Car payments just makes no sense right now, besides i found some really good corporate bonds that will pay me to own them, unlike a car. Maybe once i get out of my Audi i'll re-evaluate. But it's still not that bad, my other toy is about to have the paint applied!

2009 Camaro Painting