Tuesday, July 13, 2010

...and then???

So Sept 20 is fast approaching...and then?

Well, i just don't know. i know what post september 20 would look like in any other year, but this year? i have no idea. that's both scary and exhilarating!

I haven't made any posts in quite a while primarily due to lack of motivation. i suppose I've been a bit busy as well with birthing classes, wedding planning (or at least watching mel plan), working on my race car, working etc. etc. but really..it's motivation

Mel and i are tearing through birthing class and doing pretty well i think. We've got 8 more until we're ready...at least, that's what they tell you. is anyone ever really ready for this?!?!?

There are so many millions of things to do over the next few months. some things seem both trivial and absolutely vital at the same time. like picking a name. on the one hand, it's just a name. people do it millions of time every day. and people with really crappy names can achieve great things.


what do you know, the internet even has a list!


thanks interweb.

i suppose i shouldn't really equate being a celebrity to achieving a great thing. but..the crappy names list serve my purpose here.

but then on the other hand, choosing a name seems so vitally important. i have to call the kid this name. forever. so does my family. friends. it's friends (we don't know if its a boy or a girl). that's pretty important.

mel and i have a list of names (For a boy and a girl)...but it's really tough. i suppose in the end it'll have to be decided though. the kid can't be named September Twenty Corrigan.

or could it....

the house is filling up with lots of baby stuff. i like it. seems more like a home somehow. i hope this means we don't have to get a TV though. baby corrigan can watch the little Einstein video's on my computer, right!?

For a short alfa update..it's probably easiest to reference some pictures. I took all of last week off to get paint on the car. and it was a great success!! with a bit of filler, the proper paint supplies, tons of sanding and generous amounts of patience, the car is now white! despite never having painted before, it's actually fairly easy. i constructed a Paint booth of sorts in a friends shop using a temporary garage from home depot.

At this point the major body work is completely done and it's a matter of re-assembling the car into it's full on race setup. To keep myself motivated i took little red (as it's come to be known around here) to the track last saturday for an open track day. What a fantastic day and the car handles awesome. It's only limits were due to the bad second gear synchro, the street tires...and maybe the driver (just a bit). but hey, that's what Open track days are for! i hope to have the white car done so that i can use open track days next year as shake down runs. that should get me running with VSCDA by the end of next year or early the following year. now, where to put the baby seat.....

latest alfa pics..

2009 ALFA Project

oh, and Sept. 20 is not only the baby's due date but also my birthday. so i get two cakes for the rest of my life if it really comes on that day!

just kidding!!!

well, not really.