Sunday, December 04, 2005

The Vaduz church. Every town has a church..or rather, every church has a town.

A very strange house on the hill below the castle.

The princely house. Not bad, probably drafty though.

Town center from the path to the castle. hard to see...but there's a giant chessboard.

The church again...this thing is next to the womens bathroom. look out ladies.

The Vaduz Catholic church. i think it's pretty old.

At the church...where they sacrifice foreigners who don't learn german.

The Vaduz Catholic church.

There are hundreds of these cut into the mtns to gather the nearly constant runoff.

View of the valley looking south. the Rhine seperates Switzerland (on the right) from lichtenstein (on the left)

My ski chalet. not really

Town of pad is somewhere on the lower left

Streets of Feldkirk

Feldkirk at Night

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