Sunday, May 10, 2009

Alfa progress

I spent most of the weekend stripping my alfa. I got all of the engine out, suspension off, the rear end, the gas tank (which was full!..), the steering column, drive shaft, windshield wipers..pretty much anything that could be unbolted. After that i started poking and grinding on the paint to see just what i was going to need to repair. Unfortunately i found a bit more filler than i had planned..but it's not as bad as it could've been. Or as bad as i've seen on other cars. Now that i see the extent of the filler, rather than try to strip this myself I think i'm gonna take it somewhere to get it mediablasted or chemical stripped. here are a few pics.

2009 ALFA Project

Last night i gave the paint stripper a shot. It seems to work well, with only 2 applications and some scraping the entire front fender is completely stripped. I have to modify my technique slightly as the wire wheel i used in a few spots proved to be too aggressive. But aside from that...this should do the trick.

In other news, i started on the interferon again, this past week being my first full week. The first few nights were surprisingly rough. i guess our body's forget their tolerance quickly. But it's gotten progressively better while the side effects, thusfar, aren't nearly as noticeable. I'm not nearly as tired and my mind isn't nearly as cloudy as it was. I've got another 4 months to complete on this regiment but it should go quickly. My biggest disappointment is that this is happening in the middle of summer! No point in worrying i's out of my hands.