Sunday, January 01, 2006

2005 Year in Review

I don't like new years resolutions. Most people tend to give something up, some guilty pleasure. 6 months later (or usually less) the resolution is long forgotten. For me, i'm going to commit to changing something, actually two things. I will be more patient, and more outgoing. Both will serve me well here, personally and professionally, and both are things i am lacking in.

The BBC and CNN (the only 2 English stations i get) are filled with “year in review” pieces right now. Who died, tsunamis, hurricanes, elections, what gadgets were popular etc. etc. etc. I already saw it reported once, i don't need to relive the hype of all this news. I think 24Hr “news” stations are one of the worst innovations of our time. I thought of putting my own list of what i thought were the most important news stories of the year, but i want to be part of the solution, not the problem.

To try something new, i thought I'd post a “Corrigan year in review”. The highlights of my last 12 months. Maybe it's not as interesting as CNN's, and maybe I don't quite have the distribution of the BBC, but i have some cool pics and even better memories! Without further adue....Corrigan year in review

The Brothers Corrigan together for the first time in...3 yrs? 4 yrs? i can't even remember. O, and i think one of us got married to. Welcome to the family Mo. There's no going back.

St Patty's day in hober's basement. another opportunity for the worlds best band to get out and rock the free world. the VH1 special comes out next year...stay tuned.

Spring Camping. snow, rain, sun, you never know what you'll get. but throw 5 engineers in with a keg with no tap, and a good time is bound to be had by all.

May, Grattan. although it sprinkled a bit, awesome day of racing. even if i wasn't the fastest, i had the best sounding car out there.

August, Diving in the Bahamas. A minute after this was taken, the shark attacked me. i had to fight it off with only a clamshell and my bare hands. true story.

Whitetrash isn't PC, so it was a trailertrash party. But we rocked it like it was a white trash party.

Smile, the you're at a tiger's game!

The mini corrigan reunion in detroit.

Ah, the annual tubing bananza. Hober wasn't the last, but i think he was the first to get dumped. at least he didn't spill his beer.

This guy asked me "which one is the clutch again?" Thankfully both my cars are safely sleeping in NY.

For a guy that doesn't drink, Besy's bachelor party was one of the biggest drunkfest's i've been to in a while. this was the safest pic to post.

Skiing in the alps. Not a bad way to end the year.