Monday, February 05, 2007

Congrats! on a Job (nearly) Well Done

If you had to guess how long it takes to restore a car, how long would you guess...1 month? 1 year? 2 years? 5 Years? 10 Years? Well, there's no right answer because everyone has a different definition of “restore”. After a quick search on ebay for example you might conclude that a restoration is nothing more than a couple pounds of bondo and some new paint. My Healey would be a good example of this. A little more in depth searching and you would find a second tier of “restorations” that may include an engine rebuild, some token interior work and of course the obligatory bondo, new wheels and paint. My camaro might be a good example of this. And then to a select few a restoration means a soup to nuts stripping of the entire car leaving no nut, bolt, gage, surface, seat, brake line etc. un-restored. My old man falls somewhere in this category and its with this in mind that i want to congratulate him on an awesome job (almost) well done. Its been about 5 years in the making but luckily, it was well worth the wait. I probably should've waited till he was 100% done but to be honest, you're never really done with something like this and besides, patience has never been my strong suit (again..the healey). Besides, i'm heading to the states for business on wed and didn't feel like waiting to post some pics.

So without further adue...the all new '66 Vette. Congrats Pop! You finally had a proper project to break-in the garagemahal.

Disclaimer: yes this is a shameless attempt to suck up so that when you tire of the car you will keep your long lost middle son in mind as the next caretaker.

Lots more pis at

And it begins.

I think this was 2002..ish.
undue 8 bolts and this is what you get. well, that might be a bit of a simplification.
the stripped frame.
the completed engine..patiently waiting.

Body work

1 body, plus a few hours with a sawzall and you get...
i wasnt around much, but when i was i contributed by sitting in the car and making engine noises
frame repairs begin.
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Frame Work

All the steel, ready for sandblasting
the finished frame...
front end progress including the controversial (to me anyway) addition of power steering
the finished frame.
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Off to the paint booth

Ready for paint
Let the sanding begin..
Finally..some color, or colour as they say here.
...just bolt the body on, its just that easy! yeah, right.
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The nearly finishe product

It looks pretty good without the bumpers.

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