Thursday, September 10, 2009

Why Google is evil

I have a gmail account
a picasa account
i use google reader
i use google stock screener
i use google analytics
and of course, i use blogger.

so why is google evil? quite simply, it provides access to too much information. let me paint the picture,

about a month ago i had a lingering headache for a week or so. following that i had a serious of dizzy spells along with the feeling that i was falling. Normally i wouldn't think much of this but given my recent medical history i decided to have it checked out. one brain MRI later and i was on my way home feeling better with a CD of pictures in my hand. That's where the problem comes in. I had to wait 2 days before i get in to see my doc and get the results, all the while carrying around this CD of brain pics. what would you do?

well if you're me and your a glutton for google "melanoma brain mri", or "melanoma spread to brain" and compare the online pics to your own.

bad idea

I'm not a doctor, i have no idea what i'm looking at. every little white spot or black spot..or any spot i perceive as being unusual is suddenly suspect.

in the end there doesn't appear to be anything wrong except for a bit of vertigo. thank god. but not thank foster my paranoia!


melly mel said...

cute way to blame google for your pitiful obsession!!! hehe - just teasing :) sooooooo happy that the results are clean! i baked cookies to celebrate, you know, the good kind - organic gluten free wheat grass cookies. LOLOLOL

Corrigan said...

thanks babe! wheatgrass is my favorite.