Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Roll That Never Ends

When my little brother was here a few months ago we ran into a bit of a problem with the toilet paper situation. I hadnt anticipated the added volume of paper required by 3 additional peoples, uh, movements. Needless to say it was a bit of a challenge week, i kept forgetting to buy it which led to going through allot of paper towels and of course a few stolen roles from the trains.

Anyway, when they left my little brother and crew left me with 2 parting gifts..a bunch of beer and a huge box of toilet paper. The beer is gone but the toilet paper lives on. Upon taking stock recently i realized i still have about 5 rolls left. My time here is winding down and in the past whenever i knew a big move was coming up i always took it on as a personal challenge to time all my food, toiletry etc. purchases just right so that i had just enough but left nothing behind. See where i'm going? I'm not cheap, i'm frugal.

So I think i can make these rolls last till the very end. The last square will be flushed the morning i leave..mark my word! I'll be sure to post an update as d-day approaches. I'll call them, the paper trail.

If you can't tell by the subject of this post there's not much going on right now. I do have a cool hike planned this weekend..

These trails look crazy, should make for a good hike and some good pics.

Corrigan, out.


Traveling Bonbon said...

"Can you spare a square?"

Anonymous said...

Although pictures may be universally understood by countries around the world, words are not. When you place a link to some nazi hiking page it is annoying to me. I appreciate the effort in giving us a little insight to where you are going, but the world needs to conform to America. Learn english! Then I can not only enjoy the photos but I'll be able to read the text as well. Your lil bro......thanks Kev

Corrigan said...

damn. all that just cause of a link? next time i'll post in german.

The Hobester said...

What are the odds on the tp not making it 'till the move? 2-1 (come on there's gotta be a #2 bathroom code joke in there somewhere) Or do the odds change, cause you'll just start timing your sh!ts so you can do them at work? Just don't lose your phone in there. ;)