Sunday, August 05, 2007

Summer slowdown

Things are pretty quiet over here right now. Its vacation season which means that 90% of the office is out, not to return until late August or even September in some cases. I on the other hand have very little vacation left, and what i do have left is reserved for my upcoming trip to Oktoberfest.

I went to an outdoor festival in Austria yesterday. It was a pretty good time, despite that I'd never heard of most of the bands. The highlight for me was an American that was playing, Matt Boroff. They played a rock, blues, county, mexican type music. That's the best description i can come up with right now. Check 'em out if you're interested.

I was watching two lane blacktop the other day and it got me wondering what happened to the '55 Chevy from the movie. Well thanks to google, the answer is out there. I thought I'd post it since I'm sure that I'm not the only one thinking about this.

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