Saturday, August 11, 2007

Back Again....for now

I arrived at work monday morning expecting a normal week. A few meetings, some phone calls..blah blah blah the normal BS. I should've known it would be a bad week as my email file opened and the number of mails with a little red exclamation point next to them outnumbered the ones without. I got called to an emergency meeting for one of my Cleveland. Great. So tuesday afternoon it was off to detroit where i arrived just in time to check in and sleep for a few hours before waking up and driving 3 hrs to cleveland. Following my meeting i drove back, slept a few more hours then went back into work in detroit before flying back out on thurdsay afternoon only to arrive friday AM in zurich and head straight back to the office. Was that sentence a run on? eh, screw it. All i can say is thank god i got some frequent flyer miles out of this, maybe its enough for a first class upgrade on my flights to Australia! Fingers are crossed.

As i write this..i'm pretty sure its Saturday, but i'm not 100% sure.

I went to bed last night looking forward to not waking up until monday morning. Unfortunately this cozy, quaint little friggin town i live in had a different idea. They have some sort of fair going on in town, complete with horse rides (with annoying little bells), a merry go round (with annoying friggin music) and a band (who sing annoying friggin songs). They temporarily extended the rail tracks and rolled a vintage train into town! ok, that part is actually pretty cool. But the kicker? it started at 8AM today. damnit switzerland!

I had plans to go to italy this weekend but those were cancelled. Next weekend i plan to go to Trier, Germany, hopefully i have no more last minute travelling next week! Anyway, here's a few funny clips i ran across recently. the first one is particularly funny..i sent it around to a few people at work who, oddly enough, didn't find it funny at all.


another one about liechtenstein.

this one they should show in schools

reminds me of living with my brothers

i miss SNL

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Mom said...

I wish I was there for the festival.........sounds so quaint!!!

I enjoyed all the video's especially the first one! Those Liechtensteiners just need to cultivate their sense of humor!