Friday, April 14, 2006

Wilkommen Springtime

Still no pics from my trip to Munich...thanks ma. :)

But in the meantime, I can report the weather here is getting quite nice. The snow is receding up the mountains (which is an interesting phenomenon in and of itself), the Rhine is filling up with runoff, the sun is out more and more each day and the temperature is getting much more suitable for outside activities. Over the last 5 yrs the arrival of spring for me meant the arrival of car season. Car shows, racing, cruising Woodward, but more than anything, just driving. No destination, no time schedule, just a full tank of gas and the open road.

There is actually a surprisingly vibrant car culture here in Lichtenstein. This can be attributed mostly to the income level i think. I've seen your standard Porsches and Bimmers all winter long, but now the Ferrari's, Roll's, Lotus's, Aston Martin's, Vette's and other non winter cars are starting to peak out from under their protective covers and test the springtime air. I love it. Just today i saw 2 Ferrari's out cruising. In case there is any doubt, they were the ones doing the passing, not me. I'd love to have my cars here, but the costs are prohibitive. So until i get back home, it's cruising in the Polo for me.

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