Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Day After Yesterday

I've really got nothing to say right now, but i feel like i should post something. So lets just let my brain wander and see what comes out.

Last weekend i was in Vienna with a colleague from America. This was my third attempt to get there since moving here and the third time is indeed a charm. Vienna is fun. I met a crazy old hippy in a bar who tried to convince me to (metaphorically) give away a dollar every day. If everyone (metaphorically) gave away a dollar, he hypothesized, the world could eliminate poverty overnight. I inserted “metaphorically” because he kept saying that.

Crazy Hippie - “Dont you get it, if we all gave away a dollar then we could eliminate poverty”

American - “But what would happen tomorrow?”

Crazy Hippie - “You'd have to give away another dollar”

American - “Wouldn't that just create a giant welfare state?”

Crazy Hippie - “No”

American - “Really, You sure?”

Crazy Hippie - You don't get it man, I'm speaking about a metaphorical dollar”

American - “How does someone buy food with a metaphorical dollar?

Crazy Hippie - “You still don't get it.”

American - “I think your right. Bartender...another beer please. Actually better add a shot of JD
to that order.”

Crazy Hippie - “Lets start over, if everyone gave away a dollar, we could eliminate poverty overnight. Bono says that too.”

American - “But i still don't understand what would happen after tomorrow. If you're not talking about real money, then what the hell are you talking about.”

Crazy Hippie - “I mean all the rich wouldn't be so rich anymore and all the poor would have money”

Americn - “Metaphorically?”

Crazy Hippie - “You still don't get it”

American - “Definetely not. Are you a Nazi?

Crazy Hippie - “What?”

American - “Nothing

Crazy Hippie - “Oh”

American - “And Bono's a tool.

Crazy Hippie - “Hugh?”

I argued with him for a while and then got bored and drank (allot) more beer. I was apparently an ignorant American who didn't understand anything. As soon as i can get this freekin program working right, i'll post some pics.

There's some crazy German TV show on right now I have no freekin clue what this chick is babblin about, but that's nothing new. She's on the “supershow”. I'm not sure whats so damn super about it, it's certainly not the comedy.

What else is going on....Oh, Happy early Birthday to me. That's right folks I bought a new guitar. It made absolutely no sense to buy, but i like it. It's a Gibson LP and I deserve it.

This chick is still rambling on in the background, only now she's wearing pink cleaning gloves and doing something with a plate. What the fu...dge.

The exchange rates continue to get better. It's been like getting a 10% raise over the last few weeks. However the markets are in the crapper, so my raise is already gone.

My visit to the states was pretty cool. The weather was good, i got to drive my cars, the boat, see some friends and family including some that i hadn't seen in years. Overall a very good 3 days. I actually came back to fresh snow here. The next few weeks are gonna be busy. Next weekend...France. The week after that, Italy. July might include a trip to Hokenheim and August brings the WRC in Germany. At some point during the summer I'm gonna try to get over to Spain too.

Well, I'm falling asleep on my keyboard. I finally got an assistant at work though so hopefully things ease up a bit and i can start getting out of there before 7 every night. I'm gonna get a drink and read till i fall asleep.



Mom said...

Finally...........I was beginning to think all that travel and jet log had done some permanent damage to your blogging. Glad to hear things are going well....we miss you!

Aventius said...

what a tool -- him and bono. stupid hippies. if we all gave away a dollar... everyone... then wouldn't we all receive a dollar as well. nothing would happen. i'd be giving you a dollar and you'd be giving me a dollar.

Peeps said...

Dude, why don't you get it? If you woulda burned one with him and took some shrooms, you woulda figured out everything with him.

Corrigan said...

hmm...maybe next time.

Anonymous said...

hi kevie,
that hippie seems stupid. You're so lucky, all that traveling!