Monday, October 09, 2006

Listen to Your Mother

Despite what your mother may have told you, Never Drink and Fly. This applies not only to the flight itself but also a 12 hr (plus/minus) window before the flight.
Alright, my mother never actually told me to drink and fly. In fact she probably would've told me the exact opposite, if solicited for her opinion. But i'm searching for excuses here..can't i play the blame game.

Flashback to Sept. 29th. It's Friday afternoon and in just a few hrs, specifically 3AM, i've got to wake up and drive 2 hrs to the airport for my 7AM flight. Now consider that my boss's boss has decided to throw our whole department a little party, BBQ, swuaray, grill abend..whatever you want to call it. Great idea, bad timing. A night of free beer and fool inevitable ends the same no matter where its going on. You do your best to behave and be responsible. Half your brain, stomach and half the people at the party are constantly reminding you that you have to get up in four hrs, but inevitably that other half of your brain and that other half of the party win out.

Weak American? I'll show you a weak American!

Famous last words.

Well, you can guess the result. I woke up (somehow), drove to the airport (although i probably shouldn't have), made my flight (barely) and nearly showed the business class section what i had for dinner the night before. I said nearly...i told you i wasn't a weak American! Stupid? Perhaps, but definitely not weak.

By the second flight i was back in the zone and even managed to enjoy a few movies on the way over. Nacho Libre (or Super translated on the air France flight) was actually surprisingly funny. As for the second one, well I assume i enjoyed it but honestly i don't remember which movie it was.

To round off my Saturday i managed to catch a ride down to a party in Ohio where the best band in the world was rocking the suburbs. Calling it the suburbs doesn't quite do it justice as apparently Eric Clapton live in the neighborhood.

Anyway, I finally crashed around 2AM on Sunday following 6000 miles of flying, 5hrs of combined driving, countless cokes coffee's and redbulls, and even a few visits from the friendly Police.

The rest of the week was actually allot more of the same...with a bit of work thrown in for good measure (and to make things billable). I got to hang out with some work folks, see some friends i hadn't seen in a while and even beat on, i mean drive a friends new Sky Redline. Which is already for sale in case anyone's interested (Jed, that'll cost you a 5% commission).

So thanks for a good week Detroit.

Disclaimer: This trip was for work i just choose not to talk about work here...honest.

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