Sunday, October 29, 2006

Rounding Second..again

The same post but this time translated for my inner city peeps, courtesy of the ebonics translator....

I’ve come ta da conclusion dat da Swiss peeps gots uh bettah appreciation o' tyme than da rest o' da world. No doubt da sheer number o' clocks dey iz surrounded by on uh daily basis plays uh part in dis here, but it mus' be mo'. The world here seems ta move at its own pace. Not necessarily slower cuz procrastination an' running late don’t seem ta be traits o' da peeps here, just steadier. If you’re rollin' in da country an' dere iz traffic fo' nahh logical reason (like uh cow in da road, or uh tractor broken down..which I see on uh nearly daily basis), da smart money would be on da fact dat uh Swiss driver iz at da head o' da line. It’s almost as o' da peeps here expect brothas else ta run by they schedules, dey do make all da watches afta all.

I’ve found it ta be uh rather nice change. I wasn’t typically late fo' things 'bfoe, but I wuz known ta miss uh flight or two, an' muh ma fuckin rollin' has definitely slowed down uh bit. Perhaps da 55hp `64 an' speeding tickets play uh part in dat though. Of course predictability can be pimp-tight an' bad but thus far da clockwork Swiss lifestyle has been fine ass decent. I don’t wear uh watch, which over here iz comparable ta walking around naked. But really what’s da point, between computers, cell phones, iPods it’s uh redundant piece o' equipment. However despite da predictable, clockwork like lifestyle tyme still seems ta be speeding up. Possibly even exponentially but I wont bore anyone wiff dat nerdy theory.

Next Wednesday marks 1 year living overseas. I can’t believe it, muh ma fuckin colleagues an' niggas can’t believe it, muh ma fuckin wallet doesn’t believe it…but despite logic seeming ta say otherwise, da calendar doesn’t lie. Hell, it wuz only last month dat I graduated from high skoo, last week I finished college an' only yesterday dat I moved over here wasn’t it? It’s incredible fo' me ta th'o't dat it wuz actually nearly 10 years ago dat I finished high skoo, nearly 6 years ago dat I finished college an' as o' next Wed, 1 year since I moved over here. Where da hell do da tyme jet!

I started here uh year ago wiff uh laundry list o' expectations, things ta do, places ta see, niggas ta make, ho's ta date, cars ta gank etc. As ya can prob'ly imagine reality wuz much different, not pimp-tight or bad, just different. Over da past year I’ve done an' seen quite allot an' despite da ups an' downs da overall experience has definitely been well worth it. I wuz so miserable at muh ma fuckin job 'bfoe leaving dat I truly can’t imagine what I’d be doin' now if I hadn’t jumped ship from Detroit. My position here iz has been great so far, I actually feel like I contribute somethin' ta da organization, afta all filling da ketchup dispensers iz an important job! I’ve even got uh few other companies here dat gots asked me ta consider changing jobs.

I almost hate ta admit it but dere wuz some days while working back in Detroit dat I would jet at noon..just take muh ma fuckin cellphone an' jet home, jet ta da bar, jet hang out at da pool (thanks kovax’s’s’s), lunch on 8 mile, jet cruize muh ma fuckin cars…anything but werk. What made it worse wuz dat it didn’t really matter. As fun as dat wuz sometimes I really felt like I wuz largely wasting muh ma fuckin tyme dere, even fo' those 4 hrs I actually wuz working. Think o' “Time” by Pink Floyd an' dat wuz fine ass much muh ma fuckin life. Thinking back now, da bomb job I ever had wuz pumping gas at uh marina during summers back in high skoo. Sadly at 27 I don’t th'o't I could git away wiff dat any mo'. If I could though, I’d be back dere in uh heartbeat. Sun, water, bikini’s, da smell o' 4 bone gas, colt 45 fo' tip’s…if only I could incorporate some o' dat into muh ma fuckin job taday. Imagine da possibilities…..

So I’ve rambled on fo' long enough an' in uh few hours I gots ta catch uh flight ta Germany. Am I half done or only half started here? In da end who cares. With da 50% mark fast approaching I can honestly say dat dis here past year has been one o' da funnest, most interesting years o' muh ma fuckin life…next ta ’96 o' course but that’s uh story fo' another tyme. what 'chew thinking man?

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