Sunday, January 07, 2007

Happy New Year!

2007 already? Holy Sh*t...not only is the decade half over..its almost 75% over. As far as the old blog goes..well it looks like i fell a bit behind here. What can i say..i was preoccupied the last few weeks with allot of, um, work. So here is the 5 second catch up..

-Happy B'day to my not so little brother're almost out of there. See you in a few months.

-To the Card's, congrats on the new Baby...2 more and you'll have a “full house”. 49 more and you'll have a full deck! Wow..that was really bad.

-Goodbye James Brown, keep up the funk.

-Godspeed President Ford. You weren't in office long enough to get caught with an intern or start a you've got that going for you.

-Merry Christmas

-Happy Channukah

-Merry Ramadan

-F U Saddam

-Happy New Year

-And happy B'day to my older brother Brian..i know its early but if i don't say it now I'll probably forget! And as've already got your gift. See you as well in a few months.

That about wraps up the last few weeks i think. Did i miss anything? Or maybe your asking “Corrigan, Where were you?”. Well i left in early December on a 2 week work tripped which was immediately followed by about 10 days vacation. Not a bad way to close out the year if i do say so. I spent the majority of my vacation time in NY where i was hoping to do some snowmobiling or skiing but thanks to Al Gore and his inconvenient truth that plan was foiled. Most of the trip was spent bouncing around the Northeast area visiting family and friends which, despite all the driving, was allot of fun. The longer h'm away from friends and family in the states the more i miss it and the nicer it is to get back and visit, even if it does mean my dad putting me to work installing installation. Installing installation..i know thats correct english but it still somehow doesn't sound correct..was i functioning as an installation installer? Well anyway at least i can take heart in the fact that every time the heat goes on in the addition i helped to make sure it stays there. I'm not gonna sit here and list the things i did over my break because its not fun to write that and I'm sure its not fun to read that. All I'll say here is that it was great seeing all my family and friends and I'm looking forward to the next visit, especially for my visitors in March and Jun.

Getting back to Europe was nice not only because Ski Season is finally here but I also moved into my new place right before leaving. It's a vast improvement from where i was...bigger, better location, bigger...did i mention its bigger? The only downside was that i had to move to an unfurnished apt. However being that this area is a haven for expats there are always people coming and going looking to offload furniture and for anything else there is of course the mecca for all things cheap, sorry inexpensive; Ikea. Between mooching off other people, Ikea and a few Americans who were leaving the country, i was able to get pretty much everything i needed and all at a very reasonable price. There was actually another downside to moving to Switzerland, my cleaning woman from Austria who cleaned my last place wouldn't come this far. But I figure if i just live really cleanly i can get away with not cleaning until i move out at the end of the year.
Oh, and did i mention there's a bar in this town that serves Guinness?

Time for me to check out, I'm beat after skiing yesterday. Once again, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Oh, and ma, if you get a letter from the New Scotland Police Department..just go ahead and forward that to me. If you've already gotten it and opened it...well then rest assured the infraction wasn't committed with your car. Really.

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Mom said...

Are you kidding me...did you REALLY get a ticket while you were home? How's that going to work? that spell checker on your were installing INSULAION (not installation)

I like your new digs.....can't wait to check them out......M