Sunday, July 01, 2007

Short Update

I'm a bit overdue on posting something and i dont have it in me to write anything now. But here's a few pics in the meantime...i'll expand more sometime this week before heading to the states next weekend.

lets try this...
2007 06 M&D B&M Visit


The Hobester said...

Not sure if it's on my end, but not all the pics came through again. Eagle's nest didn't. Vienna, Satnis, or Graun didn't either. Salzburg, The Mines, and LeMans all came through fine (with the exception of the first two LeMans pics).

Just letting ya know.

Corrigan said...

are you using firefox or explorer

Bcorrigan78 said...

We had one hell of a time this week.. It was good to have a beer and a few laughs. Come home soon so we can do it again in Saratoga!

- Brother B

The Hobester said...

I was using Explorer.
But now I see you've got the Picasa album instead, and that works great. Can you do comments by the pics through that? Just to say who's who, or where you are. But otherwise it loaded quick and keeps your blog posts smaller. My personal opinion is to post a couple of the best pics saying who, what, where, and then link to the album (that's what Lano's done). It works well. Keep up the posts!