Sunday, August 26, 2007

Europe fights back

This weekend started out with so much potential. Friday night i went to a fashion show with a few friends. Now wait, before you pass judgement let me give you a few more details. It was...


with multiple beer tents

and with live music

Pretty good right? Oh, and did i mention it was a lingerie show? Right..,,that's probably the most important part. Live music, beer, good weather and hot girls in lingerie. Now that's what i call a good start to a weekend. Despite my best efforts though none of the models believed i was Hugh Heffner's European talent scout. Crazy, right?

After a very fun friday night i woke up early to go visit Ferrari in Italy. I knew it was going to be a long drive but this was one of the things that i really wanted to do before leaving and besides this was one of my last free weekends here..what the hell.

A few hours of Mtn driving later i arrived in Modena. The Ferrari museum was pretty cool but unfortunately the factory is closed to the public. I posted a bunch of pics (link below) and I'll let them speak for themselves. I once mentioned my visit to the Guiness factory as being akin to visiting mecca for me.....but this was just as good. The entire town of Modena is Ferrari crazy but somehow forgot to put up any signs for the factory or museum (Galleria Ferrari).

Side Note..I've enjoyed all my visits to Italy over the past few years but it wouldn't be my first recommendation for someone visiting Europe for the first time. Very few people speak English and for whatever reason everyone there always seems to have a bad attitude. I guess i bring out the worst in people.

Anyway, after my visit it was off north through San Bernadino pass and back home. The sun was setting on the Mtn's and the views were great but the roads through the pass are challenging so enjoying the view was a low priority. Lots of switchbacks, blind corners, glacier runoff..not exactly a leisurely cruise. And then it happened, just as i was approaching a very sharp uphill left hand curve a sasquatch jumped out right in front of me and tried to attack my car. Naturally i was very surprised and, being the animal lover that i am, I attempted to avoid killing one of natures most notorious creatures but in doing so i went off the road and hit a rock.

A big rock.

At an angle.

A big angle.

The result? Well, a VW polo and a big rock don't mix too well and i found myself on the side of the road looking out the windshield with the asphalt out my left window and the sky out my right. (pics in the album below)

Now, if you ever happen to find yourself in this situation there's really only one thing you can do...pack your stuff up, climb out the passenger side, push the car back over and get your ass in gear before the police show up. And that's exactly what i did, or rather, what i tried to do. Unfortunately the previously mentioned big rock popped the right front tire and pushed the driveshaft out of its socket. That left me with only 2 options....a 4 hr taxi ride home or crash in a cheap hotel and take advantage of the excellent swiss bus/train system the following day. And with that..i was off to find a hotel.

Since i know you're just as interested in bringing the perpetrator to justice as i am i can share that the polizia assured me that they would do everything in their power to bring bigfoot in and employee the full extent of the law in his prosecution. After i passed my breathalizer test of course.

Well thank god for that.

F*in sasquatch.

2007 08 Ferrari and crash

all my pics

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CARDSTER said...

Where was the picture of the darn rock (damn sasquatch)? Thanks for the picture of what I am pretty sure are Takata airbags.