Sunday, February 22, 2009


Finally some progress! I made a small workshop in the basement so i could start working again regardless of the weather.

2009 Chris Craft Pics

I'm second guessing my decision to go back to school for my MAE and am considering Masters in Finance instead. On the surface it seems more aligned with my interests but it's about twice as much moneywise. Hmmm..

Mel spent all day yesterday making soup, Palenta (sp?) and some small fruit containers for lunch and dinner this week. How did i get so lucky? She loves too cook and i like to eat! not to mention that she's a great cook. Her soups are great and the palenta was reeally good. Especially the second time around!

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melly mel said...

i love that you like my cooking so much :-) and dare i admit that your blog made mlush a little... tee hee!

and it's polenta, for future reference.