Wednesday, October 21, 2009

How many vehicles does one man need?

You may think the answer is 1...but no, it's actually 4.

I've always been a truck person. I tried to fight it when i leased my audi, but it caught up with me. 2 weeks ago i bought a 99 silverado z71. You may think it's difficult to fit 5 cars in the driveway (incl. mel's), but it's surprisingly cozy! I got a great deal on it, i just need(ed) to do a little maintenance work (brakes, u-joints, etc). The real reason i bought it is that i have to haul my race car around to a few different places this fall and to borrow a friends truck once is one thing...but 4 or 5 times is a bit much. so what the hell.

Here's a pic...but now the hard part.

....What color truck nuts do i buy...


melly mel said...

corrigan - in no way do i aim to control you... however... i cannot permit truck-nut adorned vehicles near my home.


but if i had to choose a color, i'd go with green :-)

.:Rebecca::Alex:. said... of course corrigan would want truck nuts...get shiney silver ones! hahahahaha.