Wednesday, January 06, 2010

...and a happy new year!

2009 is done, and what a year it was. we saw a new president, nationwide tea parties, pig flu, a bankrupt GM AND Chrysler, the crotch bomber, the king of pop died.....and enough "best of 2009" lists to last until the best of 2010 comes out!. Sick of them yet? Well here's mine!

I've done a little "Corrigan year in review" ever since i moved to Europe in 05, i figure why stop now?!

2009 was one of my best years ever, if i do say so. Despite spending most of the year in a drugged up stupor 3 nights a week i still managed to quite a bit.

Kick of the new year right by moving into a new house! well a rental..but it has a garage!

Mel and i also took a little trip to Omaha for the Berkshire Hathaway shareholders meeting. it was so much fun...we're gonna go back this year! (hopefully)

On the same weekend that my parents and my cousin delaney drove out from NY with my camaro. I also took delivery of my first Alfa GTV. It will be entered into VSCDA group 8 (eventually).

Next up we went to Gilbao Quarry in Ohio to get mel certified to go scuba diving. It reminded me why i like warm water diving!!

then the real reason for the certification...our trip to Aruba!

I took a short trip to Germany for first time back since moving back to the states and luckily most of my german came back to me!

Followed by some new babies in the family! (not mine!)

and my first China Trip

....followed shortly thereafter by a Second Alfa! I think this one should have the license plate "impulsiv"

and maybe the best part was i got to do all that wit mel. oh man, better watch what i say!

Health-wise 09 was filled with good news (unlike 08). My cancer seems to be gone and i'm officially all done with treatments. Although i can't seem to bring myself to throughout my last dose of interferon (maybe because it costs like 4g's?). nevertheless, my most recent scans have all been clean and the doc's are optimistic.

I don't want to be to premature...but i think this bullet has been dodged!

well, not dodged. This one hit me. but didn't kill me!

This year is already gearing up to top 09. With a followup trip to omaha (w/mel), a visit to Amsterdam and Prague (w/mel), and driving school in the'll be hard not to! That girl is gonna be so sick of me! And hopefully i'll be doing some track events this year while i finish prepping my GTV start racing in 2011.

Cheers to a great 2010!

Here's some of my older "year in reviews".


melly mel said...

2009 kicked ass! you know what that means, right... now i just have really high expectations!!! bring on the fun!

Jessica said...

hey kev, i think you missed a few goals for upcoming 2010! ;)

Corrigan said...

oh yeah? i heard you have some news.

Bekkah. said...

I'm gonna miss 2009. I miss living with you guys. Too bad I had a boyfriend who was a complete dick and cried every night for me to come home. Didn't care about what I wanted. And I was stupid and actually listened. :( Way to go me. Lol.

Matt said...

Omaha--isn't that somewhere in Middle America?

Corrigan said...

its in the middle of some fields.