Thursday, May 21, 2009

Royal Oak in the Spring

Spring is here and the house is looking like a jungle! The landlord told us (warned us?) that there was quite a bit of flowers and such planted around the house but it wasn't until about 2 weeks ago that we realized just how much was there! The fern's are coming up fast and are over 2 feet high already. The area along the driveway has bloomed with all sorts of flowers and other green things (that's about the extent of my identification skills).

A few weeks ago i found a large container of birdfood in the garage. After filling all of the available birdhouse's i spread some in the back yard so that Paris would have some friends. Some friends..ha! It only took a few days for word to get out to every neighborhood squirrel, chipmunk, rabbit, bird, and rat? that 1023 N Maple had free eats! And when they were done with what i put out they set out attacking the plastic container eating two massive holes in the container!

I hope you enjoyed it Paris!

The interferon continues..I really wish it was overwith. Now that the weather is nice, in particular, i hate crashing so early 3 nights per week. At least it's going quickly.


melly mel said...

kudos to your blog and to springtime!!!

don't worry, once you fall asleep the sun goes down - you're not missing a thing!

Anonymous said...

Your father loves going to bed early.........oh yeah..........we're old so its OK! Hang in there