Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Mowing the Jungle

After weeks of watching our Royal Oak jungle grow and grow i finally got out the lawn mower today and got it under control. Partially. The ferns are still a bit overwhelming but they provide a level of privacy from our A-Hole the ferns will stay. We also don't have to worry about fertilizing this lawn ever as i found ample amounts while traversing with the mower. Thank you Paris.


On sunday mel and i also picked up some nice backyard leisure accessories. Namely some kick ass lounge chairs! We can only pull this off because our backyard is well shaded.

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Jessica said...

It looks like a whole new backyard--great job!

I enjoyed sitting back there yesterday especially in those kick ass chairs! (and of course while i was sitting back there i was plotting on what kind of trouble mel and i could get into!) ;)

Corrigan said... sat in my chair?

melly mel said...

great photos! honestly, the back yard looks amazing now that it's been mowed - who knew??? it's good to know that you'll always have landscaping as a back-up career!

those chairs are SEXY!!!

Anonymous said...

They are nice chairs! Red has always been your color!.........M